Chick-fil-A figured out a way to not just make their customers happy, but give back to the community in a special way. When customers order a drink, they are given a thick, polystyrene cup to hold their refreshing beverage. If you’ve had the pleasure of going to a Chick-fil-A resturant, you may have ordered a lemonade and realized that it stayed cool for hours. This is because of the polystyrene material keeps the beverage well-insulated, and while the the short-term satisfaction is great, Chick-fil-A went the extra mile.

Thinking outside the box, Chick-fil-A discovered that since their special cups aren’t very easy to recycle as usual, they put all the disposed cups to a greater purpose. They gather all of the recycled cups by the hundreds, and turn them into benches for the community. It’s an amazing process that Chick-fil-A is willing to go through. They show their care for people through doing things like this.

It takes a whole team to accomplish making these benches, along with special machinery, but all of it shows they care not just for people, but the world around them.