Photographer and musician Steve Areen has always been a man of action; he’s not the type to wait around for good things to happen. So when an ambitious idea for his dream home popped into Steve’s head, he got to work immediately. A friend gave him a part of his mango grove in Thailand, then Steve developed a design with the help of local specialists. Then he just went out and built the whole thing.

We  admire this purposeful man who proved that dreams can indeed come true right here, right now.

It all started with a patch of land

In Thailand, materials are cheaper than in Europe or the United States, so the basic structure of the house only cost about $6,000.

And here’s the result. The furnishings brought the cost up another $3,000.

Now Steve has his own rather spacious home with a backyard pond.

Lots of sun, fresh air and drool-worthy views — what more is there to wish for?