No matter what your age, chances are you know exactly who Popeye the Sailor is. Created by Elzie Crisler Segar, this fictional cartoon character has appeared in everything from comic strips to television, and has been doing so since 1929.

With Genndy Tartakosvsky to direct the upcoming 3D CG version of Popeye, we thought it fitting to take a look at this amazing modern day interpretation of Popeye. Created by artist Lee Romao, the artwork is nothing short of badass. Popeye’s muscular frame right down to his freakishly huge forearms are intact, including the anchor tattoos found on both arms. The facial expression is also right on point, and who could forget Popeye’s iconic pipe always hanging out the side of his mouth, and the titled sailor hat to finish off the look. We doubt the CG Popeye form will end up looking this version, but we think some solid inspiration can be drawn from the artwork seen below.

Popeye by Lee Romao (4)

Popeye by Lee Romao (3)

Popeye by Lee Romao (2)

Popeye by Lee Romao (1)
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