Piper the husky spent three days away from her family, when finally she is picked up. They had just gotten home from the hospital with their new baby, Lily Ann. Piper was excited to see her family again but had no idea what was in store.

They pull into the driveway, and Piper’s owner says she can already tell something is different. She just isn’t sure what has changed in the household. She certainly looks alert and excited, but unsure of what to anticipate. She even barks in impatience as her owner stands in one spot as he records.

He kept her on a leash to keep her calm at first. When she finally gets to the baby, Piper gently sniffs her. She already appears to love Lily, wagging and even doing a little dance of happiness. Piper and Lily are sure to be the best of friends, Lily is lucky to have such a loving constant companion as she grows up.