Here are 10 examples of big mistakes that can be made in life :-

1. Being dishonest with yourself

Honesty within is absolutely vital. White and other coloured lies may be said outside. Perhaps there are justifications for that.

But if lies are told within, it is a HUGE deal.

Your entire life compass will be lost if this is done continuously.

We all have bearings that keep us steady. And truth (as much as we know it) to ourselves is how we keep progressing.

2. Not having a sense of humour

Our sense of humour is a touch of grace we bring to life.

We tread lightly on life when we laugh. Mostly at ourselves.

We are all funny. Our quirks, likes, conditionings and absurdities.

With laughter, we neutralise the angularities and friction. We smoothen our way.

3. Sacrificing the present for the future

Life is lived this moment. Always.

There is no life except the present. A succession of NOWs.

Is this a justification for not being disciplined? Is this an argument for abandonment?

Not at all.

Because we understand that life is a succession of NOWs, we create moments that lead to a rich life.

But we don’t “sacrifice” the present moment we now have for a future we don’t yet have.

Eg we don’t neglect our young children now to build a so-called richer future for them when they are grown up.

We could ask – how then do we achieve our dreams if we don’t sacrifice “X”?

Perhaps a more useful question would be – What is the best use of my time now that is in alignment with my values and vision?

Eg in the above example – try finding ways to work from home at least part time. Or look at ways to do more things together as a family.

4. Not managing your money well

Why are there people (even celebrities) who make a ton of money and a few years later become broke?

After all, it is good to have money. For bills and a few thrills.

But if you don’t manage the money you have, it will slip through your fingers like sand on a windy beach.

If you don’t manage your money well, the money you make will be used to keep plugging the holes through which money is wasted.

So everyone needs to learn a few basic money management techniques.

Make more money and invest.

Save more money and invest.

Or both.

5. Not taking responsibility for your life

A child depends on her parents for everything. And as the years go by, that child would mature and make more decisions and choices for herself.

Even then, many things are beyond our control. Many things are not our fault.

Regardless of that, taking responsibility for our own lives is important. It gives us the power to change things.

It gives us the power to act instead of reacting.

6. Living by default, not by design

This is a natural extension of (5).

If you don’t take responsibility for your own life, you will be giving control of your destiny to others. You would be living by default.

If we choose to live by design, we would empower ourselves through the choices and decisions we make for our lives.

7. Taking loved ones for granted

We are harried in our daily lives.

Schedules to keep. Bosses to satisfy. Colleagues to impress.

Be polite, be cool, behave.

To all. Except those nearest and dearest to us.

Not because we mean to be mean. Or thoughtless.

But because we “need” to be nice to everyone else. Because we can often get away with not being that nice to those who love us. And forgive us.

It may be tempting to take our loved ones for granted.

To fail in our courtesies to those we care about most.

Don’t do that. Don’t take your loved ones for granted.

Treat them with at least the courtesy and respect you accord others. Value and appreciate them.

Let them feel that you do.

8. Giving up without trying (hard)

If something is worth it, fight for it.

If something is important, strive for it.

Try. Hard.

It would be a mistake to give up easily.

When you try and succeed, it is victory.

When you try and fail, it is feedback.

Learn, improve, try again.

9. Neglecting our health

Healthy food, healthy thoughts, healthy emotions.

Restful, plentiful sleep.

Healthy relationships.

These are the cornerstones of our lives. The foundation on which our lives are built on. Our dreams need them to thrive.

Live with respect. To your health.

Don’t throw away the gift of good health through destructive physical, mental, emotional and social habits.

10. Not living life like it’s a precious miracle

You are a miracle.

A unique creation of the divine.

You are a spark of creativity, love and joy in this brimming cosmos.

Your energy is that which propels the stars and planets.

How dare you live any other way than seeing this as a miracle?

That each of us exists is a wonder in itself. That we continue to exist spinning lives and dreams and creations is a precious, awe-inspiring miracle.

I choose to live with gratitude for this miracle.

Where attention goes, energy flows.

In being grateful for abundance, more abundance is created.

It would be a HUGE mistake to live life like it is just ordinary.