It is often said that a picture can speak a thousand words. Seemingly insignificant moments often turn out to be the ones we most value, and spontaneous photos end up being the most important. Photographers are like the chroniclers and artists of ancient times, helping to record (either consciously or unconsciously) a huge number of events, objects and sights for posterity.

We put together a selection of photographs which contain a greater amount of significance than it seems at first glance.

A child sees his grandfather’s twin for the first time

Birthday present

A baby wakes up

This elderly lady knitted 300 pairs of warm socks for the victims of a flood

Arnulfo Castorena wins his first gold medal at the paralympics

A baby sleeps in hospital


Just an ideal shot

A good deed

An old shepherd and his dog

He found the original…

A game of volleyball on the US-Mexican border

An elephant embryo in the womb

The connection between species

Would you risk it?


Having fun

We all did it at least once!

When she’s pregnant, you do what she tells you…

A devoted friend

The place where the North and Baltic Seas meet

Someone cares

At last, something which keeps them all under control