33 life lessons my son should learnBoys do not grow up themselves. Well, neither do girls, but that’s for another time.

To bring up a real man — a loving and caring individual — parents should educate themselves first, and then they should help their son develop the best traits.

To help moms and dads in this endeavor, We brings you the rules of life that AnaCarolina, a Portuguese blogger, would teach her son first and foremost.

1. Relish the time spent with your grandparents.

2. Look the person you shake hands with in the eyes.

3. You are what you do, not what you say.

4. Talent is achieved through perseverance. Learn to sing.

5. Girls like clean boys, so take a bath often.

6. If you don’t have another choice but to use force, then hit first and hit hard.

7. Praise your mom for every dish she’s made you.

8. When you think you have a lot of influence in society, try to make another person’s dog follow you.

9. Don’t spend much money in a barber shop; your hair will grow back quickly either way.

10. Don’t show off, impress.

11. Learn to listen.

12. Don’t forget to thank those who help you.

13. If you don’t know the meaning of a word someone told you, then ask before it’s too late.

14. Walk a lot, improve your health.

15. Having written an angry message, read it once more before sending, and then delete it.

16. Never, under any circumstances, argue with a pregnant woman.

17. Try traveling on your own.

18. Never look a dog in the eye.

19. Choose a field and be a specialist in it.

20. Always pick a window seat and enjoy the view.

21. Never put a photo on the Internet you don’t want your parents or superiors to see.

22. Stop whatever you’re doing often and sum everything up, thinking of whether it’s right or wrong.

23. Don’t spoil family pictures. Always smile.

24. Whenever you see one of your teachers outside of school, pretend not to see them and let them have some respite.

25. Everyone suffers bullying at school, but one day you will have to stand up for yourself if you don’t want it to continue throughout your entire life.

26. If your teacher forgets to check the homework, don’t remind them about it.

27. Never refuse an offer to spend a night in interesting company.

28. Don’t boast about your successes.

29. Sit in the first car of a roller coaster.

30. Wear clothes that were given to you as a present — it’s the best way to show your gratitude, even if it’s the last time you wear them.

31. If someone gave you their car for a ride, return it with a full gas tank.

32. Take me to Paris some time in the future.

33. Give a street performer a coin if they made you stop and look.