Brilliant Ways To Upcycle Old Cereal Boxes

After you eat the cereal, don’t throw away the box! The cardboard can be upcycled into awesome organization boxes, a seed starter for your garden, and even cute mini pocket notebooks for your purse.


Cool Storage Caddy

Cereal boxes are the perfect shape for making a cool storage organizer. Alternate colorful strips of washi tape to get the exact look that you want. Learn how to do this project here.


Toss Your Lint In Style

If you’re tired of having an ugly trash bag to collect lint from your drying clothes, transform a cereal box into a stylish lint receptacle. Remove the top flaps from a large cereal box, and spray paint it whatever color you want. Use command strips on the back of stained clothespins to adhere it to the wall. A bit of washi tape and craft letters decorate the box, while the clothespins keep the box clipped to the wall. More details on this project can be found here.


Inexpensive Plastic Lid Holder

There’s no need to find an expensive solution to storing miscellaneous plastic container lids. A cut cereal box will do the trick very nicely!


Make Mini Pocket Notebooks

These mini notebooks are so crafty, your friends will never know they were fashioned from used cereal boxes! It’s easy to make your own. A cute button, paper to cover the spine, and string floss complete the look. The full project can be followed here.


Make A Magazine Holder

Give your magazines a cool place to live in these magazine holders. Uniquely patterned paper give it flair, while a felt lining on the inside help the magazines easily slide in and out. More info on this cereal box upcycle can be found here.


Mini Seed Starters

Turn mini boxes of cereal into seed starter sets. Just cut it open and fill with fertilizer and seeds. Be sure to keep a dish underneath the box to collect any stray moisture.


Craft Room Caddy

Even a craft room needs a crafty caddy! All you need to do is cut out the bottom of a cereal box, fill it with empty toilet paper rolls, and decorate it with washi tape. Fill it up with your favorite craft pens and markers.


Drawer Organizers

Plain cereal boxes can be transformed into amazing drawer dividers with the magic of washi tape. First, you’ll want to fit the cereal boxes into the drawer to make sure you have a perfect fit. Then, cut them down to size and decorate it to your heart’s content. This is perfect for organizing your washi tape, staples, glue, scissors, and your most-used crafting tools. This fun project can be found here.


Protective Shipping Envelope

There’s no need to spend any money on a shipping envelopes when an old cereal box can serve the same function. This is as easy as cutting, folding, and taping it together. Learn exactly how, here.


This cool video shows you how to transform a cereal box into a note holder.

Cardboard Is Recyclable

Not only is cardboard a material that is recyclable, but it’s upcyclable too! Instead of handing over this treasure to the recycling center, turn cereal boxes into things you can use around the home.