Two terrified dogs were recently surrendered to the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California. Upon examining the female, the staff learned she just had puppies. After some detective work and a lot of convincing, they were able to get the person who surrendered the dogs to also surrender her four puppies. Not only did the puppies still desperately need their mother, but they were living in an unsafe environment.

At first, Mama is frightened and whimpering, refusing to move and inch from the corner of the kennel. All she wants is to see her babies again. But as soon as the kindhearted shelter worker picks up and shows her the first of her pups, her entire demeanor changes. “We captured the moment when sad and scared mom got to see her puppies again,” the staff writes on Facebook. “Tears of joy all around at this happy reunion.”

Once they are old enough and ready, the Marin Humane Society plans to find loving forever homes for Mama and her litter.

The Marin Humane Society offers refuge, rehabilitation, and support services to more than 10,000 domestic animals and wildlife each year through adoptions, foster care, behavior and training, humane education, pet assistance for people in need, lost-and-found pet services, low-cost clinics, and more.

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