During Jazbec‘s first visit to Greenland, he met Uunartoq, 70, a Greenland native and traditional hunter. Uunartoq lives in a remote settlement in Northern Greenland with 250 settlers and their 500 sled dogs. He is one of the last true hunters trying to lead a traditional lifestyle — subsistence hunting.

When Jazbec first traveled to Greenland, he imagined he would photograph ten different families. That is, until he met Uunartoq. Although Uunartoq had previously turned down an opportunity to be the focus of an American documentary on subsistence hunting, Jazbec clicked with his subject. Jazbec realized that he had found something, not only in subject matter but in a relationship: “It’s hard to gain trust; that’s why it’s special to me.”

Jazbec spent two weeks in Greenland with Uunartoq and plans to return again in March. It’s important for Jazbec to visit again so that he can witness how quickly change occurs. Uunartoq, for one, is concerned about the future. The young generation is moving to towns and has already abandoned a number of settlements. Due to climate change, hunters now struggle with shorter winters and unpredictable weather. Uunartoq’s way of life, like the ice caps and polar bears, could be disappearing.

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