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If You Don’t Think Breakfast Is King, Here’s 6 Truths Bombs To Convince You

6 Reasons Cutting Out Breakfast Is The Healthiest Thing You Can Do


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”
“Breakfast of champions.”

You’ve heard it all when it comes to breakfast, and there’s plenty of reason you shouldn’t skip on the first meal of the day. Namely, the compounding of the two parts of the word: break, fast.

What’s the most important meal of the day?

Ask almost any mother in North America, and she will tell you it’s a nutritious breakfast.

It’s funny that when we move out of our parents’ house and start feeding ourselves, we never question the logic behind eating breakfast.

You may look to re-engineer everything else about your lifestyle, but for some reason, the typical eating schedule is never questioned.

Well, I think it’s about time to turn this whole system on its head.
The current eating rituals that most of us follow in the US have resulted in an exponential increase in the rate of obesity.
So hear me out, America, because I may have a solution for you: Stop eating breakfast.

Whoa. As I write that sentence, I can feel the apprehension.

Not eating breakfast is one of those taboos that will get you a weird look and line of questioning from most people across the United States.

Despite what you may hear from your family doctor or in trendy articles offering weight loss tips, I want you to open your mind to the possibility of eliminating breakfast from your daily routine.

Before anyone gets too excited, I want to state this is not for everyone.If you are a serious athlete, a pregnant woman or a child who is still growing, this is not a good option for you.
This is something I suggest to my clients who are corporate warriors and entrepreneurs living fast-paced lifestyles.
They want the convenience and health benefits that go along with skipping breakfast.

Now, I wouldn’t just suggest something like this to you without sharing some research first.

That should be reason enough, because who doesn’t love eating? Not convinced? Here are some more definitive reasons.