New Ways To Use A Muffin Tray

Everyone loves eating muffins but what do you do with a muffin tray when you no longer have any batter to fill it with? It turns out that the little trays are for more than just baking and these ideas will have you pulling out your muffin tray for more reasons than you would have ever expected.

Food Organization

Perfect portion control

Each individual space can be filled with different snacks for the perfect sized portions.


Freeze add-ons for smoothies

Blend all of your smoothie ingredients ahead of time and then freeze them within a muffin tray so that they’re ready to be plopped out when you need them. This will make breakfast smoothies so much easier in the morning. Start with one of these easy recipes.


Pre-scoop ice cream

Don’t overdo the ice cream portions and conveniently pack them within a cupcake liner first. This also makes it easier to hand out to guests at parties once they’ve been scooped.


Keep stuffed peppers upright

Planning to stuff some peppers with turkey or veggies for dinner? Use a muffin tray to keep them upright when they bake in the oven. If you’re interested in this recipe visit here.



Place a tray within a basket

Make it easier for the kids to carry their snacks when you place a muffin tray within a basket. No one wants them to spill!

snack-tray-from-muffin-tin (1)


Keep condiments separate

Planning a barbecue or get together? Pour different condiments within each of the spaces for a convenient way to have guests serve themselves at a gathering.


Make citrus ice disks

Keep guests cool with the addition of lemon lime ice cubes that are perfect to bring out on a warm day. Learn how, here.


Organize the small things

Drawer organizer

Give an old and worn muffin tray a fresh spray paint of color. Once dry, use it to store small things such as paper clips, thumbtacks and binder clips. It can still have a great and new purpose!


Hardware storage

Don’t lose or misplace your nails and screws. Instead, tuck them away within a tray for safe keeping.


Perfect for gardens

Mini succulent planter

Puncture drainage holes on the back of each muffin tin space using a bookbinding awl or drill. Add your soil, rocks and plants and lightly water each when done for a beautiful and easy addition to your home. For the full instructions visit here.


The perfect garden grid

Use a muffin tray to evenly space out a grid to create rows for planting seeds.


Watch the video below for more muffin tray inspiration you may want to try.

So long are the days when muffin trays are strictly for baking muffins. Even if your tray is old and worn find a way to use it around the house for storage, or try a new recipe with the family using your muffin tray. You’ll wish you would have done so sooner!