Not everyone in this world is a cold and heartless, you may or may not be surprised to know that there are some things in life that have a really positive impact on us, like smiling and laughing!

Finding happiness in life does not have to be in the least bit complicated and why should it be, after all its a natural part of life right?

Even better it can be just as simple as looking at some pictures, if you keep a positive frame of mind in life you can achieve anything!

A smile will burst onto your face, and if you look at any single, or even better all of the 28 photos below, then you might find that…

They could be some of the happiest pictures you will see, they are really going to inspire you to feel happy.

Life is good. Especially when you think about like these people do… If these pictures don’t make you smile, well then there is nothing in life that will!

Anyone can smile, really anyone can!

For example, even your dog can smile…

Even a small ramp can smile 🙂

What? A plane can smile !!

Age doesn’t matter at all, just keep smiling like these two!

These 28 Photos Exist For The Sole Purpose Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better About Life

This dog, he seems to think that this parade is just for him!

1.) This dog, who thinks this parade is all for him.

A photo of Nick Vujicic, limbless, he is holding his baby, aww sweet!

23.) This touching photo of limbless Nick Vujicic holding his baby.

Smile and the world will smile with you, No matter what you do.

Even when you know that some things are just temporary…

Give everyone a smile and make someone’s day, It doesn’t cost anything at all…

Just because you want to sleep, doesn’t mean everyone has to sleep!

These 28 Photos Exist For The Sole Purpose Guaranteed to Make You Feel Better About Life

Life’s tiny little things that make you smile quietly to yourself 🙂

Smiling can get rid of tension and calm stress!

And gives it gives us an incredible boost of energy!

You could even be given a reason to smile …

You could smile together with your very best friend …

And just to capture the perfect moments and after…

Even when things don’t go quite according to the plan!

And When Everything seems to be lost…

And even when some things can’t be fixed, at all!

You need to find the strength inside to just smile and be happy…

And then smile back at mother nature herself…

Life is like a great big mirror. Smile with it, and it smiles back…

And then your life will truly change for the better 🙂

Just Smile and be happy inside 🙂


We hope that these 28 pictures give you 28 different reasons to smile, inside and out. Life can sometimes be hard and stressful, but if you’re ever feeling a little down, just take a look at these wonderful pictures.

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