It’s that time of the year again when the spirit of Christmas is all around us. Yuletide season is probably the best one to celebrate every year and with this comes some of our enduring holiday traditions.

We can’t just let the season pass without the festive and colorful Christmas vibes–family gatherings, singing of Christmas carols, preparing and wrapping gifts. There are also a few struggles here and there when decorating our homes and setting up the Christmas tree. But thanks to these Christmas hacks, we don’t have to spend so much money, effort and time, or still end up getting the same mediocre results.

Decorating can be tedious and difficult but not anymore. Recreate your old Christmas tree at home or simply choose one from these unique, artsy, affordable and differently themed Christmas trees. Here are 15 Christmas tree ideas perfect for your Christmas DIY Hacks!

A hanging Christmas tree.
Photo credit: imgur / pinterest

Hang those Christmas ornaments in a form of a tree and voilà!

How about this step-ladder Christmas tree?
Photo credit: nedesignbuild / pinterest

This would surely come in handy for Christmas. Simple and easy.

Or a spinning Christmas tree maybe? Cool!
Photo credit: imgur

Kids will definitely love this!

Quite an artsy Christmas tree made of twigs.
Photo credit: ueberallunirgendwo / thecityslipper

Perfect for that rustic Christmas feel.

Recycled wine corks can make a fine Christmas tree too.
Photo credit: etsy / pumslife

Making mini Christmas trees out of corks is another way to be artistic.

Colorful fairy lights Christmas tree is always fun to see.
Photo credit: bellandpistol / familyholiday

Less is more and these fairy lights are all you need to achieve that beautiful tree.

Embrace your creative side with a painted Christmas tree.
Photo credit: architecturendesign / pinterest

Draw your own Christmas tree or get a ready made yet good quality poster.

Go grab your favorite books and turn them into any of these.
Photo credit: blogspot / pinterest

Paper comes from trees and so are these books.

Asymmetrical Christmas tree.
Photo credit: imgur / art.ekstrax


Some unused cardboards can be put to a great use as well.
Photo credit: sean richards / imgur

Aren’t these beautiful? With proper lighting, your tree is set.

A minimalist Christmas tree.
Photo credit: imgur / makezine

If you want to do away with the usual decorating styles, might as well try this–plain, simple and uncluttered.

Christmas tree made from bottles. Wow!
Photo credit: blogspot / pinterest

Yes, possible. Recycle those bottles and get that extremely unique Christmas tree.

An upside-down Christmas tree.
Photo credit: pinterest / imgur

In case you want to playful and more fun this Christmas. Surprise your guests with this.

Christmas tree made from ropes.
Photo credit: pinterest / photoity

For that classy or elegant vibe.

This Christmas tree dress works like magic too.
Photo credit: styleestate

Be imaginative and try this one.