Rising temperatures and rising tempers don’t make for a good combination. Thankfully, a little ingenuity will go a long way to take the edge off summer parenting.

#1. Behold, the secret to drip-free ice popsicles: GELATIN.

Here’s how.

#2. Keep snacks organized with a bead container.

Find out more here.

#3. Don’t throw out those containers of baby wipes. Use them to carry toys, craft supplies, and snacks, instead.

Plain Vanilla Mom

#4. Use Press ‘n Seal to make a spill-proof cup. Perfect for road trips!

Life as Mama

#5. Glue magnets to drinking cups to keep hot and thirsty kids hydrated.

More here.

#6. Turn a large sheet into a huge art canvas.

Call Me Mama Aleisha

#7. Soothe itchy mosquito bites with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

Get the instructions here.

#8. Create your own magnetic travel games using old candy tins.

Here’s how.

#9. Serve condiments in muffin tins.

Yesterday on Tuesday

It’s convenient, and helps you cut down on dishwashing, too.

#10. Label popsicle sticks with activities for inspiration when boredom strikes.

Artists Helping Children

Have fun brainstorming ideas together.

#11. Create a giant game board right on your deck.

Here are some game ideas.

#12. Use cupcake liners to keep popsicle drips in check.

Remain Simple

#13. Traveling? Use ziplock bags to organize your kids’ clothing by day.

Queen Bee Coupons

The bags can also be used to store wet clothing.

#14. Make your own bubble station for easy refills.

Here’s how.

#15. Another use for cupcake liners? Keeping juice bug-free.

Pop Sugar

#16. Freeze aloe vera in ice-cube trays for a more convenient way to soothe sunburn.


#17. Create an old-fashioned sundial to give kids a fun way to tell time.

Here’s how.

#18. Keep fruits that bruise easily in egg cartons.


#19. Make your own track for fun soap-boat races.

Here’s how.

#20. Make your own drying rack with PVC pipes and keep it by the poolside.

Here’s how.

#21. Get kids to prepare their own cereal breakfast by making your own cereal breakfast station.

More here.

#22. Say goodbye to sandy blankets by using fitted sheets. Genius!


#23. Keep off the damp grass while stargazing by putting blankets inside a blown-up pool.

The Dating Divas

Why didn’t we think of this before?

#24. Remove damp sand from hands and feet with baby powder.

Mum in the Madhouse

#25. Wash toys and shoes in the dishwasher.

It even washes those hard-to-reach spots. Here’s how.

#26. Keep your trunk organized by storing summer essentials in shoe sorters.

Kids Activities Blog

#27. Use this recipe to create giant bubbles.

More here.

#28. The best way to keep your valuables safe at the beach (or any public area).

Parent Hacks

#29. Fill a cooler or bucket with frozen balloons to keep drinks cold.

Here’s how.

#30. Keep pesky mosquitoes at bay by making your own bug-repellent bracelets.

Here’s how.