Justin Lebon knew he wanted to marry girlfriend Michal Ott years ago. But he wanted it to be special, and so, last Christmas, he made his move — literally.

Michal’s favorite game is Monopoly and the couple spent countless hours playing the game together.

And so, with the help of gifted wood-worker and friend Mark Becker, Justin went about creating a personalized game to rule all games: a marriage proposal Monopoly board, complete with a special “Chance” card, loaded dice, and secret compartment with a ring.

“I handed her a pair of loaded dice” Justin wrote on Imgur. “They would only allow her to roll a 7. The number she needed to land on Chance.”

“That’s where I put the ‘will you marry me card.’ She reads the chance card out loud ‘…Will you marry me?’ and said ‘is this REAL!?’”

The card read, “If yes advance to luxury tax.” Michal moved her piece, Justin dropped to one knee, and produced a ring from a secret compartment in the board.

And of course, she said yes!

“She loved every second of the proposal, and I’m glad she did. It took a lot of planning, but I enjoyed every second of it.”