Sarah’s owner, Jason, had been gone for 2 months because of work. Jason knew that Sarah would probably be happy for him to come home. But he did not expect this kind of an emotional reaction.

When Jason gets home, he is greeted right at the door by Sarah as he says hello to her. She reaches up, standing on her hind legs, and he just picks her up right away. Now carrying her like a baby, it would seem like Sarah would be content to be held in a nice hug with a belly scratch, but she’s so excited she can’t stop moving. It appears as if she wants to be as close to her beloved owner as she possibly can.

When she is getting close to climbing over his shoulder, Jason sets Sarah down and then crouches down to hug her again. She nuzzles and licks him lovingly. Even when he keeps setting her back on the ground, Sarah keeps jumping up to hug him again and again. What a sweet, heartfelt reunion she got to have with Jason.