“On a normal street… in a normal house… in a normal garden… in a normal shed… Not everything is normal.”

Looks can be deceiving, and this video is proof! Because right underneath his lovely yet ordinary outdoor garden, YouTube user Colin Furze dug a hidden underground bunker with the entrance located inside his shed. Inside the shed and underneath a barbecue is an old rug, and underneath the old rug is an incredible bunker that would keep anyone safe from a disaster, a zombie apocalypse, an alien abduction… all while keeping guests completely entertained and happy.

Unsurprisingly, this video is quickly going viral with more than 5 million views in just a few days. People are blown away by Colin’s creativity, vision, and resourcefulness. This bunker has it all, from a full kitchen to a surround-sound entertainment system (also, a wall of ridiculous weapons). To what he describes as the “ultimate man cave and survival cell rolled into one sub garden room,” Colin plans to add an air filtration system and updated power source.

I must admit, I’m pretty jealous of this space. It’s bigger than my apartment!

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