Another new year has dawned replete with new tasks and fresh challenges. If you conduct a quick poll amongst your friends, you’ll find that becoming an all-round improved person easily tops the resolutions list of 2013 – and chances are you’ve settled on this as well. Presenting a definitive guide on the finest ways to emerge a new and enhanced person expeditiously:

Be Optimistic

Optimism and positivity are extremely beneficial traits and you would do well to adopt them instantaneously.  Sanguine and cheerful persons immediately exude wholesome vibes, buoy the mood of everyone around, and – as recent studies reveal – tend to achieve greater success than their naysaying counterparts. A positive nature will make you feel much better about yourself and will seemingly extenuate even the most vexed issues. And remember – problems are seldom as serious as they appear!

Be Confident

Everybody is endowed with particular merits and proficiencies; it’s just that what’s latent has to become patent. Hence, you ought to be invariably poised and self-assured about your capabilities. Know that even the most ostensibly brilliant and successful personalities were once novices and built their prosperity through perseverance and sheer self-belief. Therefore adopt several doses of confidence right away.

Be Charitable

Compassion is a splendid virtue. Sharing your possessions, besides helping the less fortunate, has a salutary effect on your soul and makes your life more meaningful. Hence attempt to give something back to society from time to time – ungrudgingly and with a smile on your face.

Accept and Correct Your Faults

Do a thorough self-appraisal to extract your strengths and weaknesses. The latter should be then be wholeheartedly accepted and assiduously redressed. This procedure will transform you into a more complete and honest person. Apologizing gracefully and often for your mistakes are also good ideas.

Do What You Love

Happy people are those who live their passion. This maxim applies to all aspects of life. For instance if you have a fondness for language, you ought to become a writer or a journalist and not toe the prevailing job trend, even it is more remunerative. Also seek out hobbies that interest you and pertain to your expertise.

Control Your Anger

Rage can destroy you externally and from within. Indeed research has borne out that irascible persons frequently develop medical troubles such as high blood pressure and heart attacks as well as suffer from latent psychological maladies. Hence the overall effect of anger is exceedingly debilitating. So if you tend to get hot-tempered fast, you ought to take deep and deliberate breaths, relax your muscles, and dissolve the irritation away. Meditation is also a superlative long-term solution to manage fury and should be ingrained in your life.

Smile and Laugh More Often

There are two sides to this. Just the act of laughing often has been proven to be exceptionally salubrious to one’s health and a sure-fire stress destroyer. In addition, a jovial and humorous person strikes a positive chord with everyone forthwith. So remember to inject a bit of levity into your (and everyone else’s) quotidian routine regularly.

Exercise Habitually

This is one of the top commitments people adopt come the New Year – you ought to as well. Frequent and correct exercising will not only make you healthier and feel refreshed within – it will also impart more productivity at work. Having a fit and toned body will also, indubitably, make you more popular and attractive.

Eat and Drink Intelligently

The New Year is the time to shun your earlier gastronomic excesses and imbibe a well-balanced diet. Without proper nutrition, you will feel fatigued and downbeat as well as invite a genuine mortality risk. Thus you must consume wholesome foods rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals as also include plenty of fruit and green leafy vegetables in your diet. Cutting down on tobacco assimilation would also help a great deal. With regard to drinking, you ought to stay away from excessive liquor consumption.

Revel in Life

Most of all – enjoy life as it indeed is brief. Thank your blessings, be content with what you have, and delight in merely being alive.

Go ahead – seize the moment and strive to become an enriched person – from today!